Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My association with Porcupine has introduced me to a lot of fascinating people

David Robbins
Writers mostly. I have never known very many. For various reasons I've lived in isolation for long periods of my life. Over the years, though, I've accumulated some acquaintances who were writers and publishers, and a few of them have become my friends. So for me the Porcupine experience is quite new. The sheer volume of manuscripts that I look at, each one with a complete life behind it, talks not of isolation but of shared aspirations and potential friendships. Often the manuscripts encourage me to meet with the authors. I don't think these meetings have ever failed to be mutually beneficial. So much so that I've decided to offer one-on-one writing courses, specially designed to fit with each writer's special interest, be it fiction, non-fiction, travel, biography, memoirs and institutional histories. I'm preparing to learn from these encounters just as much as I can teach. 

Go to the Porcupine Press website to find out more.

Meanwhile, in the future, I'll be blogging briefly about some of the new friends I've made and what they are attempting to achieve. Come and join the Porcupine family.

David Robbins