Monday, 21 May 2012

GRIEF'S BOUNTY by Sandy Goulding

“As a portrait of a mature woman’s quest to reclaim her identity and sexuality, Grief’s Bounty is raw, erotic and brave. A poignant debut.” 
Anthony Ehlers, award-winning romance writer and trainer.


Short Description:

“I needed to understand that sudden and intense link between grief and passion: the centrality of sexuality to affirming the life of the living.”

A searingly honest account of how, for Sophie, grief becomes a powerful catalyst for healing the past, unleashing the full force of her mid-life female sexuality and directing her to a new life. She emerges from the ashes of her grief with a strengthened identity and deeper understanding of both herself and family.

This book will touch the inner core of anyone who has lived through intense grief, while seeking answers and closure.

About the Author:

Sandy Goulding taught high school English then entered the publishing industry in the 1990s. She spent eight years with Heinemann Publishers as senior editor, managing editor and acting publisher. Sandy also worked in the corporate sector, magazine publishing and training.  She has had short stories, features and book reviews published in South Africa women’s magazines. Her award-winning poetry appeared in a South African anthology The Ground’s Ear in 2011. Sandy is a consulting editor and writer working in the media industry. She lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng.