Wednesday, 4 July 2012

GRIEF'S BOUNTY: Review on Media Update Website, 04 July 2012

Grief's Bounty a story full of philosophical awakenings and layered meaning

Published: 4 July 2012

The first thing that grabbed me about Sandy Goudling's latest book was the title: Grief’s Bounty. How can grief be bountiful, I thought to myself. And so began my quest to discover the meaning of the title, which for me seemed such a contradiction. Delisile Mthethwa took time out to read and review it.

Grief's Bounty a story full of philosophical awakenings and layered meaning
As I started turning the pages of this moving, beautifully-crafted novel, I discovered that it was a story layered in philosophical meaning about Sophie.

Sophie is a middle-aged woman wanting to grab the gift of life with both hands and then life throws her not one, but two irrevocable curve-balls – the deaths of both her father and her brother.

Sophie feels that her life has been torn apart by grief, however it is this very journey through the process of grieving that allows her to experience a range of emotions and gives her the opportunity to make choices she would never have previously made and as such embark on experiences that allow her to feel alive.

Author Sandy Goulding is clearly a player of words and the novel is a gentle, easy read, yet it is layered in meaning and philosophical awakenings. I found that, like having an easy conversation with a good friend, the novel keeps very good company. The writing has a sensibility that made me feel like I was very much part of Sophie’s world.

Goulding has created a detailed interior world that allows the reader room to think, reflect, breathe and respond. She deals with the theme of death and grieving, subjects that can be depressing and gloomy, with sensibility and lightness. She is to be commended on her treatment of grief and middle age – she has turned many clich├ęs around these themes completely, and refreshingly on their heads.

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