Sunday, 1 December 2013


Porcupine is undergoing a period of impressive growth. The publishing target we set for the current financial year was twenty new books. By the end of November (that’s for the first nine months of the year) already nineteen new Porcupine books have found their way onto bookshop shelves and book-selling websites. And there are a further fifteen books currently in various stages of production. They’ll all be appearing under the Porcupine imprint early in 2014. Now add to this the more than sixty titles we market and distribute for other parties. It's no wonder we’re bursting out of our converted garage premises.

This growth means that authors and book sellers are taking us seriously. One of the reasons for this is the excellence of our cover designs. Look at the covers pictured here: they’re colourful, inventive, and professional; most of them are done by Porcupine’s designer, Wim Rheeder, who works in Cape Town and sometimes on a farm near Oudtshoorn.

There can be little doubt that the complete range of services offered (and provided) by Porcupine is paying dividends. More and more people are knocking on our door. Many come to us through our website. Increasingly, though, people are being referred by those who have already experienced our professionalism. This certainly tells you something.

 Increasingly, too, Porcupine is stepping into that no-man’s-land between commercial and self-publishing. On selected titles (we select the ones which are the best, the most interesting, and the most saleable) we’re willing to subsidise up-front production costs to assist authors to get into the market. This gives author and publisher a joint stake in the commercial fortunes of the book. Talk to us. 

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