Monday, 7 November 2011

MAXDOG, by Caryl Moll.

by Caryl Moll
(Author of MAXDOG)

I stood at the edge of the cliff-face that day and looked across the vast landscape of the South African Lowveld. In the distance, the open plains of the Kruger National Park stretched out into oblivion. This was my home, I thought – the place where my heart was always rejuvenated.

How wonderful it was to finally be there – at God’s window. The name had never been lost on me. I could almost touch the heavens. In the blessed moment, I felt encouraged to ponder the road ahead. Like the distant plains, the voice of my solitary journey beckoned.

"Write! Write! Write!
There’s a story to be told. Tell it well! Make it happen! Don’t, even for one second, doubt that it is your destiny. MAXDOG will not die.”
As I stood at the edge of the cliff, I felt his presence – that gentle golden spirit which, in the past weeks, had continued to reach down and comfort me. He too was affirming my resolve.
“Our journey was unique, Maxmom,” he seemed to say. “One of a kind. Yet, in it, our story echoes those of others who do not speak. My bond with you is shared by many dogs before me. Their owners ache to know that their own journeys, with their beloved companions,are affirmed. Be strong, Maxmom! I am with you.”
Eventually I hiked back down the forest paths to the valley below. I knew that there was no longer time to waiver. I had to write MAXDOG’s book – the story of the small puppy, whose presence I’d resisted for so long. He was a dog who would eventually transform my life and, yes, he’d remain with me forever.

And so the journey began.
"As I look to the sunrise, I now know
that you are there in its glorious glow;
chasing bunnies, playing with balls,
romping the more walls!"
is published by PORCUPINE PRESS and will be launched shortly.
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  1. Hi My dear friend, Loved reading this-a glimpse of what is to come in the book. I simply can't wait. Well done; so many will be comforted and encouraged by your story.
    Hugs, Noreen


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