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Review of The Decarb Diet: "the lowcarbnews"; 17 April 2014

Some words to live (and eat) by…

By Gloria Malan

There are just as many diet books as there are diets and trying to find a truly helpful, easily absorbed read is like picking out an award-winning, drop-dead gorgeous outfit for a wedding or party – it just never seems to materialise. Like so many others, that has been my general experience to date.

That is until I discovered The Decarb Diet by Dr Howard Rybko, a diet and lifestyle read that actually makes sense and is practical in every sense of the word.

Part of the problem with many diet books is that they battle to engage the reader… they fail to establish that all-important connection and come across – either deliberately or unintentionally – as a prescription, not a genuine source of help.

But The Decarb Diet is different, easy to read and understand. There are attractive and easy to follow guidelines, with additional online support from the author to keep you motivated. So, if the words could be digested with ease, there may be hope for the actual diet. I decided to put it to the test.

The first thing I noticed is how it made me feel… it really did not feel like a diet at all. It is easy to follow, is based eating balanced, nutritious meals and is not rooted in extremities.
So… I felt happy eating and did not experience the usual levels of anxiety normally associated with diets.

And my happiness turned to elation when I could actually see results in the first week. Thus far, I have lost 1kg a week and I know my friends and family have also enjoyed some levels of success with the programme.

We all know that diets are sold on the promise of results within a time-span that sounds too good to be true…because it is. Not so with this diet. There are no over-zealous promises, no incredible statements, only basic facts and reference to science and research.

This is a fantastic read and a diet well worth following.

To obtain a copy click on the link: Porcupine Press

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