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JOZI GOLD: tame TIMES; 25 February 2014


With dreams of writing a book, final inspiration struck for blind author Leanne Hunt on New Year’s Eve in 2010 and now the novel Jozi Gold is the end result.
As an avid lover of 702 talk radio, the Linksfield mother closely followed their World Cup countdown. Leanne noticed that everyone was getting on board, making proudly South African merchandise, and the contractors were working endlessly to finish stadiums and roads. It was a very vibrant time and she was inspired by the goodwill of the people. However, Hunt was conscious of the tensions that came along with hosting an event of this stature, which brought along many nasty elements.

With this as an inspiration, Hunt set out to write Jozi Gold. Set in Senderwood, Jozi Gold explores the contrasting atmosphere of pride and tension during the 2010 World Cup.  The book follows Jeannie Parker, who believes that she is in a happy stable marriage with her husband Craig. It’s only when her sister arrives from Sydney and notices that Craig is hiding something that her views start changing. The book takes you on Jeannie’s personal journey that leads her to discover her true worth and the fight to hold onto it.
Jozi Gold is the perfect book for a woman who is ready to start living for herself. The book is meant for someone whose children have left home and is looking for a fresh start, among others. “It is for women who desire to be their true authentic self, maybe even find themselves again,” said Hunt.

Hunt was diagnosed with Star Gardt’s disease at the age of 14 and was deemed legally blind at the age of 17. However, this did not stop Hunt from studying. She completed her English Honours Degree with distinction at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She went on to be a freelance journalist, advertising copywriter, a PR editor and even ran a community newspaper in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga. Clearly writing is a natural talent and gift. Hunt wrote a one act play, Private Views, and it won the best original script at the Edenvale Acting and Drama society in 2011.

Jozi Gold is available at Exclusive Books or Exclusive Books online, Amazon and Kindle books and Porcupine Press.
For more information regarding Jozi Gold follow Leanne Hunt on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeanneHuntAuthor or Leanne’s Blog. diamondpanes.blogspot.com.

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