Sunday, 22 September 2013

Small Successes

Porcupine Press had an impressive stand on Nedbank’s recent Small Business Market which was held on Friday 6 September at the Nedbank head office in Rivonia Road. Porcupine books were overflowing off the table, and several hundred people paused to peruse them and to take away catalogues and business cards.

Representation at the market is by selection, and is part of the bank’s ‘Vote Small Business: Partnering for Growth’ initiative, which provides a platform.  Approximately 30 small businesses had been selected.

‘It definitely was worthwhile,’ said Clare-Rose Julius, Porcupine’s general manager. ‘It’s all about visibility for our brand. People were handling our books, seeing the quality, and experiencing the wide range of subjects that we cover: from fiction and children’s books, to travel and self-help and political analysis and more.

‘We also sold a few books as well,’ she added. ‘A vote of thanks to Nedbank  who are voting for small businesses like our own.’

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